Target Nabs Alexander McQueen

Oh Tar-jay!

You supply me with groceries at a price befitting my lowly college student income and budget. I even purchased some very attractive dorm décor from you. Yet your clothing has not reduced my money pile. Why, you ask?

Because, Tar-jay, you have not seduced me with quality fashion. I enjoy quality fabrics that last longer than three wears.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not a clothing snob, but I do read Vogue. I know style, trends, and fads. I adore shopping.

I want to be introduced, coaxed, and pleased by my clothing. When I buy something I want to feel the way I feel when I watch Fashion Week (on TV) and wish I could own the entire line. When Target had a turn-over and decided to introduce designers like Isaac Mizrahi, I smiled. Then I saw the clothing. My smile transformed to a grimace. I thought, “Yeah… wearing that does not enhance my style or age and it certainly does not resemble runway wear.”

Then, lo and behold, a new idea was born. The GO International line arrived. I was impressed. Go Target!! You actually got international designers to produce appealing clothing! Yay! There was Tara Jarmon, Proenza Schouler, and even Thakoon. Then I saw the clothing up close. It was fine. Just…fine. That’s all. Some designers included asymmetrical lines, and busy prints. The clothing was completely wearable, but where was my fashion-gasm?? Where was the moment my head started spinning? Where were thoughts of the right shoes and accessories? It did not happen. And, besides, they still needed better quality fabric.

I badmouthed Tar-jay. I said H&M did it better. I gave up hope. I decided that the only thing I could get from Tar-jay was groceries, dorm décor, appliances, and socks. Maybe a cardigan every now and then, but since Patrick Robinson took over design for Gap, I have been moseying over there.

After I decided to share my views of the “bad Tar-jay clothing” to friends and acquaintances, I heard news of Alexander McQueen’s line for Target. I wanted to kick myself in the face with a 4-inch heel. Ouch. I know. Who wouldn’t want to reply to “That’s a great shirt!” by saying “Thanks, [pause] it’s Alexander McQueen.” Alexander McQueen, the bad boy of fashion, and winner of three British designer of the year awards would look sooo good in my closet.

Okay, so I’m being a bit of a fashion snob, but for good reason. The preview of his line makes me ashamed for being so judgmental toward Tar-jay. In fact, as a fashionista, I’m pretty proud of them. Target has actually brought on of fashion’s biggest designers to the masses, without losing the little touches that make him such a success.

I just jumped on the Target bandwagon. I don’t even have to French-ify the name anymore! Alexander McQueen just boosted Target’s popularity. (Kinda like what Britney did for K. Fed or what Mariah is doing for Nick Cannon.) Next step, receive paycheck and submerge myself in fashion-gasm.

The line is in stores sometime this month, so look out!

Seasonless Wardrobe Additions
Seasonless Wardrobe Additions
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