Where Do You Meet a Guy, Anyway?!

I am 24 and single. I am also the first to tell you there is nothing wrong with that, but as the novelty of “being an independent women,” “focusing on my career“, and “being so tired of relationship drama” is wearing off I’m face with a serious question: Where does a 20 something girl meet guys?

My immediate instinct when faced with this question would point me towards the bars. And for that exact reason, I have met practically every single boyfriend I’ve had in my college and post years at a bar or party, and while drinking. (Please note: while it has been said time and time again, “you don’t meet nice guys in bars,” I’m here to tell you, you don’t meet nice guys in bars.)

That being said, if history has taught me anything it’s that I need to find a new locale if I want to find a new, interesting, smart attractive gent to call my own. But, I have no idea where to look..

So I asked a handful of friends and acquaintances I got a few answers:

Work (and/or class) – I’m the first to openly admit, I have a slight case of Boy-Crazy. This condition can really hinder my accomplishing anything productive when I’ve got boys on the brain. Thus mixing my professional life with my personal life could really be a fatal combination.

Through friends – If my friends had a perfect hottie stashed away, I would have found him by now. Trust me, I’ve looked. Hard.

The gym – When I go to the gym it is not on a man-hunting mission – I am there to work out. I get sweaty, and look like I’m working out (Read: hideous ratty tees and one coat of mascara instead of my usual 3-4, gross hair, etc.) This look is not exactly what I have in mind when trying to meet a guy.

The internet – While I won’t knock the internet ‘till I’ve tried it, I’d prefer to wait until the age of 30 before delving into that route. Lets just call Match.com by back up plan.

So, I’m out of ideas. Can anyone please tell an untapped resource of respectable guys is?

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