What to Leave Behind When You Take Off for Spring Break

With the economy suffering, a lot of airlines have slashed their baggage allowances.  This season, more than ever, it’s important that you pack wisely when you’re heading out to the golden coast of Spring Break wonderland.  And, really, there’s no reason you should be packing everything but the kitchen sink, because each morning the  “what to wear” dilemma probably consists of the options, “solid bikini,” “patterned bikini,” “string bikini” or “tankini.”

No matter where you’re headed for a week-long holiday this spring, there are a few things you definitely DON’T need to bring.

1. Your laptop. If you can’t go a week without updating your Facebook status or checking out Perez, it’s sad.  And if you can’t go a week in paradise without updating your Facebook status or checking Perez, it’s scary.

2. Your entire shoe collection. Shoes can take up the most room in your luggage, and if you’re heading to a beach resort, you really only need a pair of flip flops for the beach, a cute pair of strappy heels for partying, and a pair of sneakers for touristy excursions.  You’re not going to miss your knee-high boots.

3.  Your emotional baggage. You are still getting over a bad breakup, and think a spring break fling is the perfect solution.  It’s not.  You just found out you’re failing a class, and plan to drown your sorrows in poolside margaritas.  Bad idea.  Whatever’s stressing you out at home will continue to get you down over break, and mixing negativity with liquor might result in you slurring your problems to your fun-loving friends.  Just let it go.

4. Your inhibitions. You’re not the type to crack a beer at 10 a.m. or to stay out unil 4 a.m. on a Tuesday.  But that’s because you’re usually in the library.  There’s a reason you just dropped a G on a weeklong excursion to the Caribbean: no responsibilities!  Sure, you have to keep yourself safe, but it’s okay to let loose and have (more than) a little fun.

5.  Your stash of Mary Jane. There’s enough (legal) liquor flowing at the bars near your hotel.  Trying to hide drugs to clear security is risky, and the punishment for carrying illegal substances in a foreign country could be more than you bargained for.  Besides, baking out your hotel room will just waste some of the time you could spend sipping an ice cold Mai Tai on the beach.

6.  Your address book. I once promised everyone I knew a postcard from some awesome place I visited.  I ended up spending precious bar money, first on a bazillion post cards, and then on international postage.  As I wrote postcard after postcard, I got cramps in my hand and my well-intentioned salutations turned into generic “Wish you were here!” messages.  Screw the postcards (you’ll probably beat them home anyway), and have a photosharing party when you get home.

7.   Your crazy-expensive accessories. Seriously, a sundress will suffice at most spring break hotspots, and an over-the-top necklace or earrings will just weigh you down.  You don’t want to ruin your Coach bag at a foam party, and you don’t want something expensive targeting you as a muggable tourist.  You WILL survive without Louis Vuitton for a few days, I promise.

8.  Schoolwork. I’ll give you one book to (try to) read on the plane there and back, but once you’ve left for break, don’t even try to kid yourself.  You’re not going to get anything scholarly done. If you think you will, you’re only going to postpone your academic responsibilities, leave for break, and return to a panic attack when you realize a week’s worth of homework is due in twelve hours, and you’re too sunburned and hungover to begin.  Do your best to get everything done ahead of time so that when you come back on Sunday, you won’t have anything on the agenda except Rest and Recover.

What are you leaving behind on Spring Break?

[Photo courtesy of College Publisher.]

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