Night Styler: Spring Break Party Time

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on the town. And with those nights out always comes the question: “What am I gonna wear?!?”

Each week I’ll be putting together a cute and affordable “going out” ensemble guide (that you can tweak to your own personal style and body type, of course) so that maybe that age-old question can be answered a little quicker than usual. And your friends aren’t waiting – for hours – for you to emerge from your room. Just consider me your own (free) personal Rachel Zoe. Only I weigh more than 88 pounds.]

Many of you will be heading off to somewhere warm and balmy in the next few weeks to take part in that ritual known as Spring Break. While spring break means lots of partying, beach time, and drinking with friends, it also means lookin’ super hot in all those summer styles you haven’t been able to bust out for months.

So leave the sweaters, scarves and snowpants at home, and bring on the color. It’s time to have a little fun, Spring Break style.

When it’s time for a night out on the town, wherever you may be, there’s no better option than a cute, yet sexy dress in a fun color or great print. You’ve been wearing drab, boring solids all winter, so bring out the fun!


When it comes to shoes, you can stick with the beach theme by going with sand colored or light gold. You don’t want to take the attention away from the dress or, worse, get too matchy matchy. Put on a sexy pair of heels, or if you’re looking for something more casual and comfortable, go with some cute sandals or wedges.

It’s Spring Break, so keep the accessories fun and flirty. There is no need for a necklace with either dress (the low neckline already draws the eyes where you want ’em to go), but fun bangles and floral earrings add the perfect amount of fun to an already bold look.

Now that you’ve got the look all ready, get out there and have some fun. After all, the real Spring Break party happens when the sun goes down.

[Photos courtesy of Forever 21, Delias and Betsy Johnson.]

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