Pizza Doesn’t Have to Be Bad For You!

Like most college kids, I’m a big fan of pizza. It’s great for a movie night with the girls or as a post-partying 2AM snack. While I love the stuff, I’m tired of feeling guilty about eating it. Good news: I don’t have to and neither do you!

Last year in my Intro to Nutrition Class I learned a little secret: pizza doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Now, I am not telling you to go on an all pizza diet. But, like most things, if you make good pizza choices, it is totally fine to enjoy in moderation. And letting yourself have it means you won’t feel deprived and go crazy (read: eat 12 pieces) when it’s put in front of you.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Thin crust is best– Always go with thin crust over deep dish or pan. It has fewer calories, less fat and is deliciously crunchy!

2) If possible, go whole grain– My dining hall always offers a whole grain crust option. Although I was initially scared of the darker, healthier crust, I actually really like it. Don’t have whole grain pizza in your d-hall? Order in! Pizza chains like Domino’s and Papa John’s are now offering this healthier option.

3) Skip the meat– Piling on pepperoni = added fat and calories.

4) Go for veggies– Do you love green peppers? Maybe you’re a tomato type of girl. Perfect! Adding vegetables is a great way to add flavor without tons of calories. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of added fiber (fills you longer) and vitamins (obviously good for you).

5) Lighten up on the cheese– Cheese is great, but asking for light cheese will cut the calories considerably…and still taste great.

Want to see how many calories your slice of pizza contains? Check out this awesome Website where you can build your own pizza from crust to toppings! It’ll help you think twice before ordering that deep dish, sausage pizza!

Go Get Tested!
Go Get Tested!
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