Spring Break To-Do List

It seems like just yesterday I was packing my gloves, hats, and facemask to come back to school and start 2nd semester. And now, all of a sudden, it’s spring break. Time is of the essence and even though most people only have a few days or a week to pull themselves together, here are my last-minute spring break tips.

Invest in Sunscreen– I know. I sound like your mom. That’s because I’m quoting my own mom. But seriously its been months since your skin has been exposed to the sun. The only thing more tragic than coming back with cornrows from the Caribbean is returning to school with a 3rd degree burn and 4 inch blister on your face (true story).

Begin Drinking Dangerous Amounts– (And this is part of the blog where I veer away from anything my mom has ever said.) In just a few days you will be drinking more alcohol than your liver could ever imagine and unless you want to die, it’s essential you start building up your tolerance ASAP. I know that a lot of people have midterms this week but that’s no excuse to be letting your guard down. There should be beers at every breakfast and shots with every snack. If there is any point during the day where you could legally drive, you are not preparing yourself responsibly for whats going to happen during break.

Start Sleeping- When you’re not drinking, you should be sleeping. Sleep so much that you will never want to sleep again. Because you won’t be sleeping. Not for an entire week. Chances are that if you’re not in the mood to get some, your roommate will be. There’s no hope for any 8-hour nights in any spring break destination.

Pack Immodium– Ew. Gross. I know. But some of the places where people will be traveling aren’t exactly known for their safe water and hygienic food practices. All it takes is one slurp of tap water from the bathroom for you to be keeled over for the rest of the break. Save yourself and your dignity by packing a just-in-case box.

Buy a One-Piece– If you haven’t already begun the rigorous (and traditional) spring-break-no-eat-find-out-where-the-school-gym-is diet yet, there is no longer any chance for you get that six-pack that you talked about during New Year’s Resolutions. But don’t freak out. Nothing covers up a long winter of eating like a one-piece. Tankini’s are so 90’s and two-pieces are too flashy. Opt for the always classy one-piece. Maybe even go strapless! If all else fails go for the Speedo lifeguard suit. It’s a great conversation piece and it’s make people feel surprisingly safe around you.

Google Celebrities+Spring Break– Find out exactly which D-list celebrities will be at your spring break location and start bragging. Don’t let anyone else feel like they picked the better destination because Spencer and Heidi will be hosting a wet-t-shirt contest. Let them know that DJ Juice will be kickin it old school next to your hotel. And if there’s no one at your destination, make it up. I thought I had made up DJ Juice until I just googled and found out that he would be making a spring break appearance.

What are your last-minute tips for a great spring break?

The Bachelor is a Jerk!
The Bachelor is a Jerk!
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