The Bachelor is a Jerk!

Last night’s finale of The Bachelor promised to have “the most shocking twist in Bachelor history,” according to host Chris Harrison. And boy oh boy, he wasn’t kidding.

For those of you who missed last night’s episode, here’s a quick recap: Bachelor Jason took each of the final two ladies competing for his love, Melissa and Molly, on separate day-long dates where they each met (and were grilled by!) his son and his family. Although he said in confessionals that he was torn between both women, the next day in the “final rose ceremony,” Jason tearfully dumped Molly before finally choosing Melissa. He proposed to her, and it seemed like it actually might work out for Melissa and Jason, who’s been saying for months that he’s engaged and how happy he is. Would this season of The Bachelor finally have a successful ending?

Guess not. Minutes after the fairy-tale-like finale, Jason said on the After the Rose special that he’d been having second thoughts about his choice. He explained that things had been different between him and Melissa ever since filming stopped, and revealed that he planned to end things with Melissa that night and ask Molly for a second chance. When Melissa came on stage and he revealed his feelings, she was shocked, called him a “bastard” (you go, girl), and stormed offstage.

No wonder she was pissed: she thought everything was going perfectly between them, and to find out that he didn’t feel the same way is a definite bummer. But to have her embarrassment broadcasted on NATIONAL TV, in front of millions of viewers—that’s beyond devastating, so I don’t blame her reaction.

But there may be another reason for just how upset she was. We’ve heard from a very strong source close to the show (for realz) that the real reason Melissa was so mad was because she lost her virginity to Jason! No wonder she flipped out the way she did, even though she was on TV.

Poor girl!

We all know the saying “you never forget your first,” but with her first being all over the media, Melissa won’t be able to escape him! She’s right: Jason is a total bastard. That whole “I love my son” game is totally a ploy to get into girls’ pants.

Warning: Facebook Worm!
Warning: Facebook Worm!
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