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Dear Tuffy Luv,

So…does size matter?

Harps and Scalps,

Sexxx Kitten With A Question

Dear Sexxx Kitten With A Question,

Honey, I like the cut of your jib.

Simple answer is: There’s no simple answer.

Well, I know what this girl likes, but I don’t know if I’m average. (Hint: Tuffy ain’t never been average.) So I asked some girl friends. My friend Jen* says she “likes ’em really big. REALLY big.” But when I asked my friend Katy*, she said, “Anything bigger than 6″ inches just–ow.”

My friends also talked about the issue of oral. The basic consensus there was: who wants to put an 8 foot gazongazong in their mouths?! I mean, we DO have gag reflexes, ladies! Of course, bigger guys shouldn’t be punished for that. But neither should our throats, dammit! Figure out a way to make it work, yes?

Actually, according to my friend Sebastian (real name, ladies–he’s single), Maxim recently ran a lil’ ol’ article about this. I tried to find it online, but, sadly, the current issue is not online in its entirety. Anyway, according to Seb, Maxim polled women on which penis size they’d like their men to have and it was more or less split evenly between 4-6 inches and 6-8 inches, with like the 1% crazies weighing it at either under 4 or over 10. Great. I agree. So guys are pretty much covered unless they’re waaaay at either end of the spectrum. Which, hey, that’s fair–no one at the ends of any spectrum are mainstream, but there will always be those who will find them insanely hot.

So, SKWAQ, there you go. Penii for all.

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

*Names changed to protect the sexual.

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