Why I’m Not Going On Spring Break

Unless you’re going to college in the South where the lowest temperature hovers somewhere around 50, you’ve been walking around your campus bundled up to your ears in the cold all day, every day. And it sucks.

So as the weeks come closer and closer to spring break, the last thing you want to do is celebrate your spring break in the cold at home. Well, for some of us in today’s economy, there isn’t much of a choice. And maybe it’s not such a bad thing, anyway!

Here are some of my reasons for not doin’ the Spring Break thing this year.

Money – The main reason for most of today’s sacrifices. I don’t have a job to earn any money to but a new swimsuit, let alone travel anywhere remotely warm! Even if I wanted to have a job, I probably wouldn’t make enough in the past 7 weeks of this semester to fund where I’d genuinely like to go. So I might as well wait and save up for the trip of a lifetime, eh?

Friends – Let’s not get confused; YES, I have friends. The friends that I do have, for the most part, do not attend the same college as me, therefore we have different spring breaks. If I’m gonna fork over the cash for a mega trip, I’d like it to be with my besties and that is not an option. Maybe it’s a sign for “time to make new friends”?

Being a Gemini (a.k.a Indeceisive-ness) – Where the hell would I go?! If I went anywhere for spring break I’d want it to be warm, like Florida, but there are so many options and so many places!! I mean, I’ve never seen New York City (which lame considering it’s my dream city and I’m 18!). And Chicago is so close to my home! And Boston is so much fun, too! Do I want to be in a amazing city that is close to home, but freezing? Or do I want to shell about a bajillion dollars to go to a warm city that is far away from home, yet come back with a kick-ass tan? Gahhh.

And here is why staying home with the parentals might not be such a bad thing:

Money – By not going anywhere and chillin’ at home with the family that I haven’t seen in weeks, I would obviously be saving a good amount of money. I could even put any money I did save towards going on vacation during the summer, which would have the added perk of not having to worry about any homework, exams, or projects while relaxing on a beach (or walking around a big city!). Speaking of homework, exams, and projects…

School Work – As nerdy as it may sound, spring break would be a good time to catch up on any school work I may have missed or slacked off on during “partying-my-face-off-and-sleeping-past-noon” weekends. Not only school work, but any other tasks I wanted to accomplish but never did because of prior obligations (like procrastinating until the last minute to finish a paper and exam that were on the same day).

The “Spring Break Bod”- I’m not exactly a huge fan of working out and am one those girls who consider walking around campus a sufficient form of exercise, which works to a certain point. Now that I don’t have to think about wearing a swimsuit for a week straight, I don’t have to worry about busting my ass to achieve my goal “body” and eat as many brownies as I want. Mom’s homemade brownies. Mmmm.

There seems to be an even number of pros and cons, and although I don’t get that bronze glow or camera full of crazy spring break memories, there’s always summer, my very own 3 month spring break.

Can I get an AMEN?

Night Styler: Spring Break Party Time
Night Styler: Spring Break Party Time
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