Spring Break: Recession Style

So you’re stuck on campus for Spring Break, watching people flee to warmer climates or their parents’ house. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be bored. There are plenty things to do on campus that are fun and don’t break the bank.

Have a beach party – just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you are. Break out the bikinis and shorts, blend up some margaritas and blast the songs that remind you of summer. Invite others that stuck on campus. You might even find a cute boy you can ‘lei’.

Theme parties – Still not in shape to don your bikini? What about another type of theme party? Have a moustache party (no you don’t have to grow one, just squiggle a nice one on your finger and hold it up to your face). Or you could try out our makeup tips for a decade party. Or how about a party from one of those fabulous places you didn’t get to travel this break. Fiesta anyone?

Be a tourist in your city – Chances are while you’re in school you don’t have a lot of time to get out and explore the city or town you’re living in. Getting to know your town is one of the things you must do before you graduate, so why not do it now? If there are museums in your area, find out when they have free admission, or discount days and check them out. Or find all the weird and wonderful attractions and go take pictures with everything! Not only will it be fun finding all the odd things in your city (my hometown has a parking garage filled with life-size cow statues) but you’ll also end up with a fun set of staycation pictures for everyone to look at!

Be productive – You’ve got things to do and now is the perfect time to catch up. Some schools even have seminars during reading week. At mine they have a weeks worth of job-hunting, resume writing, interviewing seminars that may come in handy. And with the head start on the job hunt, maybe you’ll score an amazing job that means you can go away next Spring Break!

Movie marathons – Get together everyone you know for an epically long themed movie-marathon. You could have everyone bring their favorite movie and watch them all, have an 80s movie night, a slasher-flick marathon or a cheesy-chick flick night. Or, if you’ve missed all your favourite TV shows, catch up on those.

Clothing swap – Get all the girls together for a clothing swap. Chances are your closet needs some new life, so trade in the items you no longer wear for something new. It also gives you a chance to get rid of the temptation of any super tight items leftover from that pre-frosh-15 days.

Game Night — Got any board games lying around or know any good card games? Why not have a games night? Are there cute boys around? As they demonstrate in Friends, every game can have the ‘strip’ element added to it.

So even if you are on campus there are plenty of ways to have fun this break. As with any break, there are the people to avoid after you head back to classes. What is everyone doing to recession proof their breaks?

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