The College Blogger Shout Out

Whew, we haven’t found any awesome new college blogs in awhile. Not because there aren’t any out there, but because we’ve been hella busy with midterms, planning for Spring Break (board games with the parents?) and, obviously, watching The Bachelor.But now that Jason has made his choice (and then changed his mind), we’ve got some extra time in our hands. And we found quite a few awesome blogs to fill it. We’re pretty sure you’ll love ’em too.

Miss Random Bliss: The name pretty much sums it all up. This blog is about everything and our inner ADD child loves it.

LOLSam: He’s a cool kid just writing about life and it’s entertaining and fun to follow. If we knew this kid in real life, we’d probably hug him.

Flying Saucer: Not only is this blog beautiful, but this girl knows fashion and knows how to write it. We just really love reading what she has to say. Especially since she’s British and we read it all aloud in a British accent.

Not Just Surviving: Did you know there are people out there who go to college merely to survive? What? They don’t love it to bits and never want to leave? Well, this blog helps them (and the rest of us sane people) enjoy college a little more and get the most from it. Fab.u.lous.

College Chic: It’s cute, it helps our wardrobes, and it’s just for us. Love it.

Rock The Look: Relaxed Fit Pants
Rock The Look: Relaxed Fit Pants
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