Getting Revenge on a Cheater

Ask any girl what the worst thing her boyfriend/fiancée/husband could do to her, and the answer is probably going to be the same: cheat. To most women, cheating is the ultimate betrayal of trust, which is probably why, when they find out their man’s been unfaithful, so many women get angry and seek revenge.

Scary, serious revenge.

Famous stories of women getting revenge on their cheating partners have circulated in gossip and in the news for years: women have reportedly cut up their husband’s clothing, dumped all their husband’s belongings in the front yard, and even destroyed their cars (the subject of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Before He Cheats,” the story of one woman getting revenge on her cheating man by smashing up his car with a Louisville Slugger®). Another story tells of the wife of a British radio-talk show host, who sold her husband’s $45,000 car on eBay for 90 cents after she heard him tell a woman on the air that he’d leave his wife for her. One woman even paid for a billboard ad advertising her husband’s infidelity (see picture above)!

Even some celebrities have sought revenge on their philandering lovers: Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes (formerly of the band TLC) set fire to her boyfriend’s house after discovering his infidelity, and comedian Terri Garr has admitted to smashing the windows of her boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night.

But this story is undoubtedly the worst of all: earlier this week, a woman in India, after discovering that her husband had been sneaking around on her, drugged him with sleeping pills. While he was sleeping, she cut off his “sausage” with a razorblade and threw it into the street, where a pack of wild dogs ate it for breakfast. Ouch. Guess she guaranteed he’ll never cheat again.

Or eat sausage.

What do you guys think? Is getting revenge on an unfaithful man right?

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