Best Guy Friend Does Not Equal Good Boyfriend

You looove your dog Oliver. He’s your best friend. He is the sweetest, cutest, fluffiest, the most dependable, a cuddler, so smart, so friendly to everyone. He is the best dog EVER!

“You just have to meet him,” you find yourself saying to your newest gal pal.

And so she does. She comes over, excited to meet Oliver, thinking she is about to meet the BEST dog ever. Only Oliver isn’t friendly. He isn’t playful and he isn’t sweet. You fully expected him to do that cute thing he does when he curls up on your lap when you guys are watching The Hills and your BFF’s heart to melt like yours does. Only he doesn’t. He walks to the other side of the room, turns his head the other way and lays there like a blob.

Then he poops in her shoe.

“Wow this is so not like him,” you say to your friend, totally embarassed. “Oliver really is a GREAT dog. He never treats people like this. I don’t know what happened!”

Now take your dog’s name and replace it with the name of your close guy friend.

Because this is what happens (minus the shoe-poop…hopefully) when you try to set your GREAT, fantastic, super cuddley, great-personality guy friend up with one of your great, fantastic, adorable gal pals.

Except when she meets him, although great at first, he turns out to be a total d-bag. Because, he is afterall, a guy. And a guy treats his best girl friends a whole lot differently than he does a lot of the girls he meets, even if she is your friend.

I’ve seen this happen time and again. First to others and then to myself. “So and so is amazing – I don’t know why I’ve never thought of introducing you before!” Obviously you think your friend wouldn’t steer you wrong – after all, did she steer you wrong when she said you should buy that Marc Jacobs sweater wrap that was 50% off because you could wear all it four seasons? No. She was right – you DO totally wear that sweater all the time! Did she steer you wrong when she said bangs would look bangin on you? No! You’ve never looked better! Or when she told you was the most entertaining way to procrastinate? No! You still haven’t started that paper that’s due in an hour. But you don’t care because it’s just so. Effing. Funny.

So you trust her and you meet the guy. He seems great – you hit it off and once again you think, “wow she did it again- she must have some special always being right about EVERYTHING powers.”

But then he never calls.

Or blows you off.

Or <insert other d-bag/he’s just not that into you conundrum here>.

The fact is a great guy friend is, more often that not, still your typical guy. And while you have good intentions about introducing your fave friend and your best guy buddy – think again. Sure, he is there for you when you need him and always knows how to make you laugh, but look outside of your friendship. Think of him on a deeper level. A relationship level.

Think about the time he was making out with a sorority girl on Friday night and spent Saturday night with a totally different chick. Realize that maybe your guy isn’t looking for a relationship and, based on his 35 hookups in the past 30 days, may actually be a manwhore. Reflect on all the things he’s said and done to women in the past and question if he’d really be a good match for your girlfriend.

While none of those things make him less of a good friend to you, it does make him a bad choice for your kick-ass friend. And with those kickass bangs and adorable wrap sweater, she deserves better.

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