The End of Winter To-Do List

The countdown to spring has began. Soon enough we will be breaking out the sun-dresses and flip flops, pouring lemonade and flipping burgers. But as I cross out the days on my calendar (15 more to go) I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made the most of my winter.

Of course I’ve trekked through the snow on my way to class, stayed in bed for days on end and silently cursed the snow plows that prevented a well deserved snow day, but did I really enjoy winter? With February already behind us I’m left with a laundry list of to-dos before winter is gone for another whole year.

In case anyone else is in the same predicament, I have the top ten things everyone should do before winter comes to a screeching halt.

1. Cafeteria tray sledding. “Borrow” some trays, grab five of your friends and head over to the hill behind the dorms before all that snow turns to a slushy mess.

2. Mix peppermint schnapps and Cocoa. It’s the perfect complement to sledding. Just remember, kids: wrap up the celebration with this warm concoction. I learned the hard way that the liquor and sledding combo don’t end well.

3. Bake cookies (or just eat all the dough).

4. Take advantage of winter sales. When stores need to get rid of their winter inventory to make room for all the bikinis it means gigantic sweater sales. Winter may be on its way out, but there’s no reason not to go out in style.

5. Keep warm with someone hot. There is no better way to spend a cold night than getting steamy with the guy from next door.

6. Make your own ice luge.

7. Bundle up in warm trendy layers. I can’t get enough of wooly tights, boots, scarves and mittens.

8. Snowboarding, skiing, ice skating. I’m not an athlete but there’s something about repeatedly falling down that just makes me happy.

9. Movie Marathon: Stay in all day long and watch a lot of crappy movies. Once it gets warm you won’t get the chance.

10. Self proclaimed snow day. Who says your campus has the final say in what is deemed “safe” to travel in. I say send your professor a quick email, get the notes from a friend and spend the day enjoying winter the right way.

Pessimism Will Kill You.
Pessimism Will Kill You.
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