Weekly Wrap Up: The Good and the Bad

Tired? We are. This week was full of emotional ups and downs. And so much TV we barely had time to sleep. There was a lot of bad (like the economy) and a lot of good (like all those awesome sales caused by the economy). Oh yeah, and midterms.

We’re so pooped now we can barely form complete sentences.

Or is that the boxed wine we just drank…

Anyways, here is a look back at this hellish week.

The Bad:

The not-so-great news from the gyno.

The lack of a social scene on some college campuses.

That douchey Jason and his Bachelor mind games.

The leftover pizza…eaten off the floor.

A university preventing students from getting access to birth control.

The knowledge that Ryan Seacrest and I could never be.

The Good:

Getting ready for SPRING BREAK, baby.

Which can still be awesome even if we’re not goin’ anywhere.

An awesome dance playlist.

Relaxed fit (read: no muffin top!) pants are back.

Alexander McQueen is coming to Target!

That not-so-hot boy can still turn you on.

And, the best of all, there are some seriously hot professors out there. 

G.W.W.E.: Andy “Dick in My Box” Samberg
G.W.W.E.: Andy “Dick in My Box” Samberg
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