Spring Break Beach Bag Essentials

Spring Break is right around the corner, and I’m hoping to escape from the freezing winter temperatures on a warm, sunny beach somewhere. If you’re headed to the beach like me, make sure you bring all the essentials with you:

1. Sunglasses – With the sun reflecting off the ocean and the sand, you need dark shades to protect your eyes. Plus, you can check out the hotties playing football down by the water without looking like a total creep.

2. A magazine or trashy novel – It’ll keep you entertained when you’re lounging in the sun, and it’s also a good way to look like you’re doing something else when you’re really staring at afore-mentioned hotties.

3. Sunblock – Again, seems totally obvious, but the LAST thing you want is to come back from your vacay looking like a lobster. Not to mention that you’re putting yourself in danger for skin cancer without it!

4. Beach-friendly makeup -If you can’t go out without makeup, even at the beach, know that your regular makeup routine isn’t going to hold up to the heat, sand, and water, so just keep it simple with some basics: tinted moisturizer (don’t forget the SPF!) and tinted lip balm or an all-over color stick to keep you looking fresh and naturally pretty all day (like this one from E.L.F.).

5. A cute cover-up – A tunic or minidress is perfect, because it’s small enough to fit into your bag, and you can throw on over your bathing suit if you and your friends decide to browse the beachside shops or grab some much needed margaritas.

6. Antibacterial Wipes – There is nothing worse than rubbing the sand out of your eyes only to realize you rubbed the SPF right into them.  Eliminate the burn by wiping off those hands after you slather on the sunscreen.

7. Tissues/T.P. – Laugh at me if you will, but who knows that those public restrooms have in store for you. Do you want to drip dry in a bikini? I think not.

8. Ziploc baggies – For everything from your wet swimsuit to protecting your precious iPhone from the sand.

9. A flask – What? It’s spring break!

10. Snacks – Whatever is in that flask is bound to give you the munchies. Besides, beach-side restaurants and shops charge a boatload of money for a bag of chips, so bring your own. If you don’t end up eating them, someone will, making you the most popular lady on the beach.

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