Haute vs. Hot: Fringed Bags

Have you met our new BFFs over at What’s Haute? We love popping over there to do some “window shopping” of all the designer bags and accessories that we would have to work for life and beyond to afford. Still, we can’t stop. To see more couture goodness, visit What’s Haute.

Apparently the name of one of the new favorite ‘It bag’ brands of the stars doesn’t begin with an F, G or LV. And it’s not plastered with logos either. What it is covered in is fringe, this year’s throwback trend made current and oh-so-haute! And the brand is J.J. Winters!

Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Haylie Duff, Paris Hilton and Ashley Tisdale have been flocking to the brand’s bohemian-style bags. In particular they love the J.J Winters Suede Fringe Bag in shades of Camel, Grey and Purple. But if the $400+ price tag isn’t your thing, shop these just-as-cute but way less-expensive fringed options:

You Ready for Spring Break?
You Ready for Spring Break?
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