Girl Crush: Maggie Gyllenhaal

While I must admit that I crushed on her brother (damn you, Reese Witherspoon) long before discovering my love for her, I am currently in a serious Maggie Gyllenhaal phase.

Like our previous girl crush, Natalie Portman, Maggie really does seem to have it all: beauty, brains, an impressive list of roles and award nominations, and a totally cute daughter named Ramona who took no toll on her model-like, 5 foot 9 inch body.

Whenever I’m discussing my female loves with friends, she always comes up as the “cool, retro looking” actress, and you gotta love an alternative to all the Paris Hiltons out there (no Paris, I do not want to be your new BFF). Her unconventional beauty reminds me of the Hollywood starlets of the past, and this paired with her immense talent qualifies her as my girl crush of the week.

Other reasons why we love her?

She has managed to avoid a negative rep and is never caught by the paparazzi looking cracked out or overexposed, which is more than some Hollywood moms can say for themselves. (Britney… Britney’s private parts…). She has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and is very politically active, having spoken out against the Iraq war a number of times and campaigned on behalf of a number of political organizations.

In addition to starring in films, she performs onstage and sings – recently, she recorded songs for the soundtrack of the 2005 drama Happy Endings, in which she starred.

She’s starred in a ton of great movies ranging from the indie hits Donnie Darko and Secretary to the blockbusters Stranger than Fiction and The Dark Knight, and she manages to model for Miu Miu, Reebok and Agent Provocateur on the side. (She took over Kate Moss’s position as the face of the racy lingerie line, which gives her a ton of points…)

She’s not afraid of racy, spunky roles (she had a full-frontal nude scene in Secretary), and she’s not overly worried about what other people think of her. While breast-feeding her daughter, she was snapped sitting at a restaurant with her boob hangin’ out for the whole world to see. (I guess she over-exposed a bit here, but I still don’t think we can compare her to good old Brit…).

She has been dating actor Peter Saarsgard for 7 years, which is pretty rare among Hollywood starlets. She’s been quoted saying that they’ll “get married sometime in the next 20 years,” which I think is kind of cool. And she’s royalty! Her father, poet and director Stephen Gyllenhaal, is a descendant of a Swedish family ennobled by Queen Cristina of Sweden in the 1600s. She will star alongside John Krasinski in the upcoming movie Away We Go, which will be released this year.

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