The CC Weekly Weigh In: St. Patrick’s Day Nightmares

Kids have Christmas. Lovers have Valentine’s Day. Presidents have President’s day. What do we, the college students of the world, have?

St. Patrick’s day! Woooohooo!!

Only 4 more days until our favorite holiday of the year! Friends! Drinking Games! Kegs and eggs! A full day of debauchery! (Note: different from normal college weekends by the addition of green clothing.) The combination of costumes, Irish music, bar specials and friends makes this the best day of the year. And we won’t let anyone or anything take it away from us.

The CollegeCandy writers weighed in this week on their worst St. Patrick’s day nightmares, real or imagined. We tried to have them tell us their favorite memories, but most people can’t remember St. Patty’s Days of the past for some reason. Weird.

Cristina – Michigan State University: An exam, a paper, and getting caught in the rain with my Uggs (oh it’s happened before).

Lauren – University of Michigan: That one year I had to give a presentation. At 4pm. Too bad the DQ Blizzard and bottle of Powerade I got on the way to class did nothing to combat the 4 Irish Car Bombs I’d had….for breakfast.

Brithny – Duke : One time my friend tried to dye her hair with green jello. She went a little overboard, and accidently turned her forehead and ears green too! Looking like a leprechaun… definitely a nightmare.

Sara C – Fordham: Last year on St. Patrick’s Day I was in Israel, where none of the bartenders I encountered had ever heard of the holiday, much less had any green beer on tap. For real.

Charlsie – Hollins: I hooked up with an Irish Exchange student whom I thought had blonde hair and blue eyes, but he looked quite different as the alcohol wore off. Ugh.

Kiki – University of Missouri: I went to a Catholic high school, plaid skirts and everything, and freshman year I thought it would be really cute to wear my forest green polo shirt with shamrock print knee socks from Target’s dollar section. Not a good look for anyone.

K – GWU: Does the morning after St. Patty’s day festivities count? Throwing up all morning…at work…was probably the worst 6 hours of my entire life. Not sure how I still have that job!

Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: Two years ago, my Mom called me on St. Patrick’s Day to tell me that my dog was dying.  I was definitelyyyy plastered and making a scene in the middle of a beer pong tournament…

Alex- Lakehead: I’ve never experienced anything embarassing (by some miracle), but last year we had to call my friend’s ex-boyfriend to pick us up and she ended up puking blueberry vodka all over his car’s interior. You really can’t even imagine what it smells like until you’ve experienced it first hand. But at least we had cute outfits!

Noa – CU Boulder: I spent 45 minutes flirting with a guy last year on St. Pats. I thought it was going well until I went to the bathroom and discovered my kelly green teeth. They were neon! I came back and the guy was gone. Awesome.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I’m from an Irish family and forgot to wear green one year. They take the pinching thing a bit too far.

S.E. – Fordham: My worst St. Patty’s Day nightmare would be having an exam the day after. Everyone knows you need to drink on St. Patty’s Day, but it’s just so hard to do this if you’re worrying about a test. WTF, school!?

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