The Love List: Favorite Loves For Spring

Spring is almost here. Although you wouldn’t know it anywhere in the country given the frigid temps. I’m in Chi town and one day its 60 the next its 25 and snowy. Seriously, the weather is more BiPo than our pal Brit Brit and I for one am ready to shed my puffy jacket and grab myself a cute spring dress (and a bottle of self tanner).

So since spring technically starts next week, I though I’d gear us for those springy days with my five loves of spring. Who knows? Maybe some positive thinking coupled with some cute spring staples will convince Mother Nature to bring us sunny skies and warmer weather.

Come on, woman! Help a sister out.

1) The Spring Rain Jacket There are so many cute jackets for spring, but this one is my fave for one reason. The hood. Wait, there is another reason. It’s really effing cute, but I digress. We know that while we wish everything was coming up roses, Spring brings a lot of rain leaving your hair looking like it is straight out of 1981. Sporting the hood is a must… and some Frizz-Ease in your tote wouldn’t hurt either.

2) The Spring Flat – Usually by February I am so sick of wearing boots every day that I pull out a pair of my flats, dream longingly of skipping in the street, iced coffee in tow. Then I put them out walk out the door and almost lose my feet to frost bite. I can’t help it though; there are so many great options for springtime flats and I just want to buy them all up and wear them out of the store. I am in love with these. I always wanted to be a ballerina on Pointe but my pirouettes were never good enough. So, I’m happily settling for these – perfect for sasayhing down the sidewalk.

3) Spring Sunglasses – When you hear the words Paul Frank you think: the must-have shirt with a monkey….from 7th grade. Being that I was ultra awkward back then, I try to stay as far away from Paul Frank anything that I can. I don’t need to take that trip down memory lane. But then I found these CUTE must-have sunglasses! They are the perfect in-between of overly expensive and so cheap that they will probably break. Still an investment – but an oh-so-cute one. And if these bright seafoams aren’t your thing, he makes them in more muted colors as well. I think I may love Pauly Frank more now than I did in 7th grade. And that is a sentence I never thought I would type.

4) Iced beverages. Iced tea, Iced Coffee, Iced Margaritas (not that I’ve ever had a hot one), Arnold Palmers… Iced is just better. Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

5) The Spring brings all the best out of hibernation. I swear I heard a bird chirp yesterday for the first time in MONTHS and it was music to my ears. Spring brings outside tables to cafes, fun outside ways to spend the day, and must we not forget– lots of men in spring style. Call me a sucker for boys in great jeans and a springy hoodie and I won’t argue. I won’t argue at all.

Saturday Read: Dedication by Emma McLaughin and Nicola Krauss
Saturday Read: Dedication by Emma McLaughin and Nicola Krauss
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