Online Shopping…For Free

Everywhere you look stores are having sales. And I for one am taking full advantage. Find me something (legal) that can make you feel better than getting a Calvin Klein dress for 75% off and I will eat my hat. Ok, maybe not my hat, but I will eat this Reeces Whip that is sitting next to me.

But the internet just took the whole “getting a deal” high and went one step further. Yup, now you can go shopping for free! Hello,! Don’t let the name mislead you – they’re giving away more than just free napkins! This site is filled with stuff that people want to get rid of. For free.

Need a boat? What about a shelving unit for your new summer sublet? Why deal with actually paying for something when you can just hop on over to someone’s house and get it for free? Save your money for more important things in life like cable TV, shoes (because you never want to get those used), or a nice cushion in your bank account for when you can’t get a job after college.

Why would someone ever just want to give something away? Who cares?! They do, so stop asking questions and take advantage before someone else nabs that sweet free couch you’ve been eyeing!

Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Americanized International
Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Americanized International
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