St. Patty’s Day And Class? It’s Possible!

Happy day, St. Pat!

While many of us are planning on a fun, long day of celebrating with a little juice o’ the Irish, others of us (myself included) will be stuck in classes that we can’t miss, because part of our grade rides on attendance. So if you absolutely HAVE to go to class today, don’t give up the celebration!

Follow these tips and you can have your green beer and drink it too:

Don’t drink IN class – Even if you’ve got vodka in your water bottle or Malibu mixed into your bottle of OJ, it’s definitely not a good idea. Wait until class lets out before you attempt to catch up with your class-less friends.

Stop drinking at least an hour before class – I know this is difficult, being that you only have 18 hours of drinking to do, but you need to be at least somewhat sober when you walk into the classroom, unless you want to be stumbling over desks and chairs, or saying really stupid things (“Sorry, I’m too wasted to answer that one, sir.) to the prof.

Sit in the back and stay quiet – Unless you’ve completely sobered up at this point, you probably should keep your mouth shut so you don’t end up slurring your words when trying to answer the professor’s question. Plus, the further back in the classroom you sit, the lower your chances are of having your prof smell the beer seeping through your pores.

Do NOT put your head down – No matter how boring the lecture is, resist the urge to put your head down on your desk or you’ll run the risk of passing out, snoring, and making a total fool of yourself.

Bring Snacks – Bottles of water, a sandwich, a Shamrock shake… just bring something to get yourself through the class without passing out or barfing.

Other tips: go to the bathroom before class so you don’t run out 5 times during the hour and, for the love of St. Pat, wash out that green mouth! You don’t need the entire class knowing how early you were up drinking before class.

We’ve All Been There: St. Patty’s Day
We’ve All Been There: St. Patty’s Day
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