The Mortifying Makeout

After spending a good chunk of yesterday in a dark, dingy basement bar with no windows, I started thinking.

Thought #1: I’m never drinking again

Thought #2: This bathroom floor is far to gross to lay on while I attempt to rid my stomach of too many green sharkbowls.

Thought #3: Wow, that dude I made out with was really gross. Who knew I had a thing for long beards and mohawks when I’m drunk?!

Thought #4: PIZZAAAAAAA.

Alcohol makes us do some pretty stupid things. Like peeing in public places, flashing people (yes, I saw a girl doing that…at a restaurant), and finding the most unattractive of people simply irresistible.

Just ask my guy friend who flirted with one total hottie all day and ended up taking home a girl (who had facial hair resembling that of my own St. Patty’s Day makeout) who spent 6 hours sitting at the bar eating chicken tenders.

Seriously, I know.

We all have that mortifying makeout story (or, in my case, 12), so let’s share! Get it off your chest. Let it all out. Think of it as therapy – a release for you, and a much-needed midweek laugh for the rest of us.

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