Everything I’ve Ever Learned From What Not to Wear

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a What Not to Wear junkie. I love (and am not afraid to admit it) watching Stacey and Clinton trash horrible wardrobes, and watching people’s confidence blossom when they feel good about themselves. I would love for S&C to come to my house with a set of rules. The $5,000 Visa wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m just not sure about the “throw all my clothes away” thing. But that’s neither here nor there.

Now, there are many WNTW rules that I don’t need to worry about (I’ve got years before being tempted by the “mom jeans”), and I doubt I’ll be getting on the show anytime soon, but those fashion experts provide tons of guidelines that everyone can benefit from.

Everything I’ve learned about flattering fashion I learned from What Not To Wear. The following rules, courtesy of Stacey and Clinton, can guide all of us into more flattering options when shopping, or when trying to clean the skeletons from our closets.

1. It’s more important to have clothes that fit properly then to follow trends.

2. Highlight the smallest part of you (on some girls this is above their natural waist) to achieve an hour glass shape.

3. Carmindy’s 5 Minute Face is great for mornings when you woke up late but still want to make a good impression.

4. Wearing overly baggy clothes will make it look like you have something to hide, not make you look smaller.

5. You never know who you’ll run into when you’re simply running errands, so don’t wear pjs or sweats in public! (And, yes, class is a public place!)

6. You can mix patterns, just pick patterns in the same color family.

7. Wear light colors on the bottom to balance out a bigger chest.

8. A good fitting bra is the start to any good outfit. (The girls have to be happy!)

9. Things don’t have to match, they have to go.

10. Dress for the weight you are at the moment, not the weight you want to be. You’ll never feel good about yourself if you’re constantly thinking I need to lose 5 pounds/your pants are digging into your waist and leaving a deep red line, so embrace the frosh 15 and lose it when you lose it.

11. A pointy-toe shoe elongates your legs.

12. You can mix brown and black! They are both neutrals and neutrals go with anything. Other neutrals include grey, denim, navy and beige.

13. You have to try things on in order to tell if they will fit! If it’s too busy for you to be bothered (because who wants to stand in line for the changing room AND when you are paying) make sure you can return the item. Leave the tags on and BRING IT BACK if it doesn’t fit.

Stacey and Clinton have changed my wardrobe and, in some senses, my life. I love them. A lot. Probably more than anyone should. And, because of them, I love myself too!

What have you learned from the fashion duo?

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