The Worst Female Role Models: The Start of a Long List



Not that I have a real say in the matter, but I’m not a fan of females who take advantage of their positions of power, influence, and/or fame.  Too many young girls are watching.  Too many women trust in the media for a sound representation of what they should be doing, wearing, feeling, and looking like.

On the topic of molding minds, Hollywood women have masses of ‘regular’ women at their fingertips, which is gross and unnecessary, but true.  I’m not saying women in the limelight need to change their behavior.  But those “masses of ‘regular’ women” should be aware of some of the worst role models out there right now.  In no particular order:

1.  Heidi Montag

It’s really not just Heidi Montag.  There’s a group of reality-tv/nothing stars out there who all belong on this list, but she irks me the most, therefore she gets to be the title name.  The problem with these girls is this:  all of their emphasis is put on looks, fame, and fortune and none of it (as far as I can tell) is put on authentic talent, merit, or ambition with a good-conscious.  I’m not impressed by status-whores and I don’t think you should be, either.  These kinds of girls teach other girls how to be catty, using, manipulative, and overall drama queens.

2.  Katy Perry

Once upon a time, I thought Katy Perry was cool.  I thought she was a girl speaking her mind and telling off that emo ex-boyfriend of hers.  After hearing more of her music and watching more of her interviews, my mind has changed.  This isn’t just about her.  This is about every ‘shock-rock’ type female celebrity out there.  Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Pink, etc.  If you’re wondering why I’m picking a bone with girls like these, well, it’s easy:  Girls shouldn’t be taught that ‘acting out’ is ‘cool’.  I’m not saying it’s always bad, but c’mon.  Katy Perry has got to be sick of dressing up like a pin-up girl for every freaking thing she does by now, but she still romps around in barely nothing, repeating lyrics that were clearly written more for attention than anything else.

3.  Lindsay Lohan

I’m not even, generally speaking, a Lohan hater.  But on the topic of role models we should be ignoring, she makes the cut.  From drug binges to starving herself to a scary-thin frame to always making headlines with drama, actresses like these aren’t the kinds we should be putting much stock in when it comes to examining our own lives.

I’m not saying these girls are terrible and I’m certainly not trying to exclude other bad female role models from this list.  This is just a beginning to a long list of people we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to.  Some women, (cough cough, Michelle Obama), really have their act together.  All I’m saying is that we need to do a whole lot more of looking up to those kinds of women and a whole lot less of looking up to the kinds of women listed above.

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