Gmail Presents: Undo Send!

Last year a friend of mine sent a mass email out to everyone updating us on his new job and, subsequently, his new work email address.

I too had just accepted a new job – right here at CollegeCandy – so I wrote back to let him know that I was also getting a new email address. And that my old bosses were pompous a**holes who didn’t know how to treat an intelligent (and hilarious!) woman with respect.

The next morning I learned that I had responded to all 156 people on that email list, many of whom were friends with my bosses (I’m Jewish…the community is small). I hid in my apartment with my cell phone off for four days, deathly afraid of my mistake coming back to haunt me.

Now, only a year later, the Google Gods have gone and created a new gift that could have saved me that horrible night. Rumor has it (though I have not seen it yet) that Gmail will now have an “Undo Send” feature. Yes, just like AOL did back in the day (but only if you were sending to other AOL-ers), you can now fix those one-unfixable email errors.

Send a naughty email to Aunt Ethel instead of Eric? Undo!
Send a mean email about Susan to Susan? UNDO!
Send a drunken email to the boy you like only to not remember in the morning? Well, first you have to remember, but then: UNDO!!

God, where was this last year…or that time I emailed someone to buy pot only to realize I had sent it to my TA? Talk about an awkward review session. Good thing it was my poetry T.A. – he ended up finding me a new hookup.

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