The Love List: I Love Lookin’ Like Spring

If it’s there is one thing I love more about spring than trading in my hot drink for it’s iced sibling, it’s trading in my winter makeup for springy hues. Namely bright pink lips, bright fresh faced blush and shimmery gold shadows that give even the palest of pale (ahem, me) that sunkissed glow.

So here are my 5 spring makeup l-o-v-e-s.

1) Every season Bobbi Brown comes out with amazing limited edition lines and this Blushed Pink collection takes the cake. The shimmery shadows are a must-have. Seem pricey? Well, Bobbi’s shadows last so long that its totally worth the splurge. Hell, sometimes (when I pass out before I can wash that stuff off!) it even lasts through brunch…the next day. (What? I also love sleep!)

2) I l.o.v.e. Loreal’s HiP line. And color is not just a trend in clothes this season; it’s also a trend for your cute little punim (that’s Yiddish for face). The good news is you can add a pop of color without looking like you are wearing your old school Wet and Wild shadows circa 1998. I love the Kohl liners, especially in gold, for that spring time look.

3) Oh Petunia. how I love thee. When I don’t get enough sleep, when I am a tad (or a lot) hungover, when I look as pasty as the walls in my cubicle, you take me from lifeless to actually kind of cute! This is the best cream blush out there because it’s non greasy and gives that great springy pink look.

4) Covergirl Outlast Lipstain – We’ve all seen the Drew Barrymore ads where she looks perfectly fresh faced and springy. Yeah, well thanks to the new lipstain line, you can have perfection, too! No shine, and no hair getting stuck on your lips when the wind blows. That I LOVE.

5) Looking good is only half the battle. Well, 1/4, really. The rest is all up to your spunky personality, intelligence… and fresh and springy scent. Enter Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Seriously, I sometimes spray it before bed just so I can smell it while I sleep. It’s that good.

Saturday Read: The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose
Saturday Read: The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose
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