Win Some Fabulously Cute Spring Accessories


Spring is officially here (since Friday!!) and I’m super excited.  What’s not to love about spring?  First of all, there’s pretty flowers and cute baby animals everywhere, obviously.  And warmer weather means finally being able to shed those winter coats, scarves, and gloves in favor of cute spring dresses and sandals!

Oh, it also happens to mean the end of the semester is quickly approaching! Woohoo!

To celebrate how much we love spring, CollegeCandy is teaming up with the Vivi Dot Store to give one CollegeCandy reader a whole slew of her super cute, super original jewelry and accessories to spice up that hot new spring wardrobe of yours.

Don’t know Vivi Dot? Well, let me introduce you!

Molly, the brains and hands behind Vivi Dot, set out to provide affordable, eye-catching accessories for people that like to get noticed. And who doesn’t? All of her pieces are handmade made from a one inch button covered in fun and vibrant fabrics or papers. She then combines them all together to create truly unique pieces from hair clips to brooches. Could there be anything cuter on a spring cardigan? I think not.

We have fallen head over heels for her watch necklaces and are secretly drooling over her anchor earrings. We want, we want, we want!

Too bad we can’t enter. But you can!

How do you win this nifty prize? Simply hop on over to the Vivi Dot Store and pick out your favorite piece. Let us know which one it is in the comments section below and one CollegeCandy reader will be randomly selected to take home a variety of ViviDot stuff, including her favorite piece!

You have until March 31st at 5pm EST to enter, so get to it. Just promise us one thing – you’ll let us borrow, right?

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