Body Blog: Spring into Swimsuit Season

Vsit with Tricep Extension

Welcome everyone to the last season before summer: Spring! To celebrate the wonderful season of blooming flowers, running outside, and the warm weather, get started on that bikini body with a circuit workout: Spring Into Swimsuit Shape!

It’s a 30 minute circuit workout you can do at the gym or in your dorm (or apt for you cool upperclassmen). There is some equipment involved, but if you don’t have it, I’ve provided below a list of alternative items you can use to get a similar burn.

To get the most from your workout, make sure you are eating the right post workout foods! Now, onto the plan…

What you need:

Jump Rope  – If you don’t have one (or space for one) just pretend with an imaginary one. “Hole” the handles in your hands and simulate the wrist movement.

Medicine Ball  – Use a soccer ball, basketball, shoe box, etc. if you don’t have a medicine ball laying around your dorm room.

Weights  – Cans of food – like vegetables, soup or sauces – or even water bottles can work.

Physio Ball – There is really no alternative to this one, but you don’t need it to do abs or arm workouts. Just do them on the floor.

Below is the circuit. Print it out and bring it to the gym with you, or purchase the video from YouTube and download it to any MP3 device you have for viewing at the gym.

Spring Into Swimsuit Shape Circuit Workout

Jump Rope (double time) for 30 seconds

Lunge Bicep Curl Shoulder Press (alternating legs) 10-12 reps on each leg

Tricep Kickbacks in a Stork Stance 12 reps on each leg

Jump Rope (double time) for 1 minute

Physio Ball Tuck with Pushup 10-12 reps

Ball Leg Lifts w/ Medicine Ball 12-15 Reps

Vsit w/ Tricep Extension 12-15 Reps

Jump Rope 1-2 Minutes

Frog Kicks with Leg Kickback  12 reps with each leg

**Repeat Circuit one more time for a total body workout** Beginners should start with only one circuit 2-3 times a week on non consecutive days.  Intermediate should do the circuit twice and advanced three times.

If you liked this workout, you might like the other circuit workout I featured a few weeks ago for Spring Break!

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