Fake Orgasms. The Big No.

I’ll be the first to admit that we females are fickle, fickle creatures. Men have a hard time (whether that be their lack of capability or common sense) figuring us out on many levels. What we really mean when we say we’re “fine,” what we really want out of a relationship, etc., are generally difficult for men to decipher.

However, one thing men should never have to figure out is what makes you ooh-la-la in bed. And ladies, we need to help them out by never faking an orgasm. Why, you ask?

By faking an orgasm when you’re in bed with a significant other (or just a hump hump booty call), you’re allowing the guy to think he’s doing everything correctly, when, in fact, he’s not pushing your, er, happy buttons. While females would always know if a guy is faking it (or so I like to believe) and it’s easier for ladies to get away with it, we need to focus on getting ours too, not just pleasing the man.

If you are impossible to please, don’t care about having an orgasm, or simply too bored to let the madness go on, faking it is still not the answer.

Faking an orgasm makes a man think he is THE MAN and it’s not always such a good thing. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make the man feel like he’s done a good job, but we shouldn’t let the man believe he’s done an “OH MY GOD THAT IS SO AMAZING” job when his work is really just mediocre. Teachers don’t give you A’s for effort, so why reward a “C” performance with an A++ grade?

Think about the next girl who interacts with that guy. Do you want her to have to suffer, too? Help a sister out!

Now, I’m not saying not-so-great bedroom gymnastics should keep you lying there like a mute, dead fish. That is just mean. If your guy can’t seem to hit the right spots for you, don’t let him believe he is; instead, just direct him. And not in a, “Do this, don’t do that,” mean teacher sorta way, but more of a, “oh baby, this feels good,” with some hand direction.

He wants to please you (hence him always waiting for the “OH YES!” moment before he throws in the towel), so help him help you. Not only will you end up feeling warm and fuzzy all over, but you’re paying it forward to the next girl who crosses this boy’s path.

Have you ever faked it? Why did you feel compelled to?

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