Have You Seen Your Doctor Lately?

When’s the last time you took a trip to visit your good old friend, the doctor? Chances are you’ve missed some really important appointments! It’s time to suck it up and face the music, sister.

Here are three necessary dates you need to jot down in that calendar of yours:

Your Gynecologist:

You’re probably used to a getting a little more romance prior to anyone coming near your cookie, but you’re gonna have to make an exception here! You should have your first pap test done once you become sexually active or once you turn 21, whichever comes first. The doctor will use a device called a speculum to widen the opening of the vagina so that the cervix can be examined for cancerous cells. This will only be uncomfortable for a minute as they take a swab of your cells. You should get your results within 3 weeks. If you don’t have this test done annually, you are putting yourself at risk for undetected cervical cancer. Hey, and while you’re at it, go get yourself the HPV vaccine and give cervical cancer the one-two punch!

Your Dentist:

Those needles, that drilling, the disappointing absence of this month’s Cosmo in the waiting room. No one likes making a date with the big D! (Well, that big D.) But if you don’t go for your 6 month checkup like you know you should, your dentist won’t be able to catch a small issue before it turns into a huge (not to mention painful and expensive!) problem. Say you do have a cavity; if your dentist finds it quickly, he can fill it right away. If you let a cavity hang out in your tooth for too long, you will end up having to suffer a crown and root canal. Your dentist also needs to regularly check you for periodontitis, oral cancer, gingivitis, and decay. So, catch up on your flossing and give Dr. Giggles a call.

Your Optometrist:

Staring at a computer for hours, not wearing eye-wear in the tanning bed, binge-drinking, and smoking cigarettes are all ways we damage our eyesight on a daily basis. An annual check up with your Optometrist can help determine if you are at risk for glaucoma or macular degeneration (a slow progression of blindness. Remember Amanda from ANTM season 3? She had macular degeneration!). A quick visit will determine if you have either of these conditions as well as evaluate your vision. You’ll take a puff of air to the eye, have a flashlight waved over your pupil and read some letters off a poster. Way easier than any exam you’ll take in class!

So, if you want to avoid resembling a guest on Jerry Springer (blind, toothless and probably full of vadge cancer), you need to get your bum to the doc. It may not be the greatest way to spend an afternoon, but it sure beats developing a serious disease! And if you just can’t bring yourself to go alone, have a friend tag along. She probably needs to go too.

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