We’ve All Been There: Spring Fever

You wake up for class and something is different. It takes you a moment before you realize that – OH MY GOD! – there is sunlight coming into your room! It’s not dark or dreary out!

You pull back the shades (or sheet you’re using as a shade) and let the light in. Your mood is instantly lifted.

You skip to the bathroom to take a shower and hum a little tune to yourself as you lather up. While you blow-dry your hair (no ponytail today!) you plan out your first-day-of-Spring outfit: new bright cardigan, new jeans and – YIPEEEEE – flip flops! You are so excited for the day ahead that you even swipe on a little bronzer.

Before you head out the door you toss a magazine into your bag. You have an hour to kill between classes and instead of running home and sitting by the heater, you will grab an iced coffee and sit outside people watching (read: secretly hoping that guy you heart will walk by) and catching up on the latest celeb drama.

And now you are ready.

You put on your over sized sunglasses, slip your tootsies into your favorite pair of Havaianas and head off into the bright spring day jamming out to your favorite happy songs on your iPod. (What? You’ve always wanted to live your life to the beat of a song.)

A cool breeze hits you as you open the door. “It’s early,” you think to yourself. “It will warm up.” Only it gets worse as you walk to class. Soon your toes are numb, your leg hair has completely grown back, and your hands are so cold you can barely wrap that light spring cardigan tighter around your body.

You scold yourself for opting out of the spring scarf trend.

You hold out hope that the day will get warmer; you are determined to have spring and will not let a few unseasonable snotsicles deter you.  It is late March, dammit! It should be warm! If only that hope could warm you up.

When you finally make it to class, you run to the bathroom to blow your nose, stubbing the big toe you can no longer feel on the door. You curse Mother Nature for toying with your emotions and yourself for being dumb enough not to actually check the weather.

And that is when you realize that you are not alone; the bathroom is filled with other Spring-loving girls like yourself, wearing their brightest corals and showing off their freshly pedicured toes as they too run their hands under warm water.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. But look on the bright side: at least you aren’t one of the really dumb girls laying out on the quad in a bikini!

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Candy Dish: Octomom is Nuts
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