Winter to Spring: Transitioning Your Wardrobe Once Piece at a Time

Growing up on the East Coast, my friends and I were always unbelievably anxious to shed our winter puffies and throw on the denim shorts that were always too short for school (and for walking around, and going out at night, and everything, really…). We believed that once the temperature hit 45 degrees, it was time to swap boots for flip-flops and turtlenecks for tanks. Unfortunately, we ended up looking a bit foolish walking through the halls as if we were leaving that day for Spring Break.

When I moved to New England for college, and endured winters ten times more horrific than those in New Jersey (yes, that’s where I’m from, no laughs please), I began to learn how to transition from winter to spring more tactfully. Keep these things in mind and you’ll never look like beach Barbie when the flowers are still blooming.

Long cardigans, a staple of the winter months, are perfect for transitioning. Pair them with a sundress (and stockings if necessary) and a cute pair of ankle boots, and you look springy without showing too much skin. Button-up sweaters are best so that your dress can peek through, but pullover sweaters are also cute over form-fitting, solid color skirts (no flowy numbers) or leggings, if the sweater is long enough to cover your butt. Right now I´m loving the Woven Back Open Cardigan by Silence and Noise, available at Urban Outfitters for $58, and their Batwing Sweater Tunic (another great piece for transitioning paired with patterned tights and fun boots), also $58.

Scarves, every girl’s best friend, are totally necessary during this complicated weather period. Some people hate on the scarf-tank top combo, but I think that cute jeans paired with a bright tank and a long, comfy scarf is a perfect winter-to-spring outfit. Scarves that are big enough can double as shawls and be worn over the shoulders if it’s too chilly for totally bare skin. Aqua´s Bias Stripe Tie Dye Scarves ($48) are lightweight, totally springy, and perfect for perking up your wintery leather jackets or wearing plain over a tee.

Tall Boots are great transitioning pieces because they go with everything from skinny jeans (lighter washes = spring!) to sundresses, and even denim shorts if you have the bod to pull them off. Stay away from dark suede and any harsh hardware (huge zippers, thick buttons, etc.) which can look heavy and wintery, and opt for boots in brown, grey or maroon leather. And put the Uggs away! Skirts with Uggs, shorts with Uggs, and Capri pants with Uggs are simply not allowed. These Steven by Steve Madden ¨Amityy¨ boots have a perfect 2-inch heel and are light enough to pair with floral skirts and dresses.

Since spring is always rainy, it´s also a good idea to invest in a pair of cute rain boots that won´t totally ruin your outfit. I love the mini wedge on the KORS by Michael Kors ¨Splash¨ Rainboots, available on for $78.

The Big O(h No)!
The Big O(h No)!
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