Springing (Fashion) Forward: Spring’s Hottest Trends

I don’t know about you, but after what seemed to be the most grueling. winter. ever. I am excited and eager to dust off my spring wardrobe… and add some new pieces to it. As is always the case with the new season, we have some new trends (along with a few piggy-back trends of season’s past) to spice up our wardrobes.

Here are some of Spring 2009’s hottest trends:

Back to Basics: Black & White

It’s not nearly as versatile as the LBD (little black dress) and won’t be replacing it anytime soon, but the white dress is huge for spring. Contrary to the simplicity of the LBD, the white dress is all about glamour, so look for ruffles, maxi-lengths and sheer fabrics (another uber-trend this season). It’s time to bring out your inner goddess!

Along with the white dress, we’re seeing great dresses, tops and skirts that flaunt graphic black on white prints. This look makes a bold and fresh statement and is a great way to stand out in a sea of LBD.

A Suit-able Choice: Pantsuits and Short-suits (AKA jumpers/rompers)

We’ve seen the short-suits for the last couple of seasons, and they’re big again this year, but we are also seeing the pantsuit make a comeback. Don’t worry; it’s got a lot more style. If you are brave enough to rock this trend,  be sure to go for a drapey look and not a super tight number. If done right, this style can be incredibly chic. If done wrong, however, it can be incredibly Jazzercise.

Color Me Bad: Color, Color, Color!!!

As is always the case, color is extremely popular this season. Bright colors like neon oranges and bright blues were prominent on the runways, but the two main color staples for this season are hot pink/magenta and yellow. You can brighten up any outfit with pops of these colors and they’re wonderfully versatile hues that can be matched with pretty much every skin tone.

If you’re not wanting something quite so in-your-face, muted brights like mint-green, coral and pastels are also a great way to add some zing. Another color trend we’re seeing pop up this season are flashes of neon; shoes or the lining on a coat are great ways to play up this 90’s trend without busting out the Hypercolor shirts and biker shorts.

Detail-Oriented: From Ruffles to Leopard Print and Everything In Between

This season puts a lot of emphasis on details, especially the epitome of feminine detailing: ruffles and bows. Look for them at the shoulder and on the hip. You’ll also see leopard print (picking up where giraffe print left off last year); sequins and glitter; big, bold prints (floral, graphic and even tribal inspired); and lace. Finding pieces with fun & interesting details are sure to make you stand out.

Take a Chill Pill: Relaxed Fit Pants

This cut is similar to the boyfriend jeans style that emerged in the fall; it is loose and easy at the hips, then tapers delicately above the ankle. This looks to be spring’s most popular silhouette and it also wins for this season’s most comfortable trend, as you can give your thighs a break from those super skinny jeans.

The Royal Treatment: Cleopatra-Inspired Looks

Asymmetrical tops and dresses, harem pants (one of this season’s most unexpected looks) and jeweled necklines all pay homage to the queen herself. If you’re going for the asymmetrical look, long, flowy dresses are a newer take on this trend. If you’re brave enough to try out the harem pants, be sure to pair these with belts, chunky heels and drapey tops to get the right look. You are going for modern, not MC Hammer.

There are other trends you’ll spot this season such as boho/hippie chic and excessive accessories, but these 6 are bound to be the biggest ones out there. Find your favorites and make ‘em your own; you’ll not only be basking in the warmer weather, but you’ll look lovely doin’ it, too.

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