5 Common Myths About Sex

There are a plethora of factors separating teenagers from adults. You know you’re an adult when you start practicing various combinations of adult-like things. Paying your own bills, making important decisions by yourself, working, and having sex, amongst other things, encompass adulthood.

But when you’re a teenager looking onto your sexuality from afar, you’ll believe just about anything you’re told about sex, particularly if you’re being told by someone who has actually had it. Once you merge further into your adulthood and sexuality, though, you start to realize that a lot of things you were told about sex (or made to believe in some other way) are bullsh*t.

Some of the biggest myths about sex:

1. Men want sex more than women.

Um, no. There are always exceptions, yes. BUT, lots of women love lots of sex. Do women always love sex with a guy who’s being a punk? Nope. Do women always love sex when they’re exhausted or emotional? Nope. But none of this has to do with how much women want sex. In fact, I almost always want more sex than my boyfriends do.

2. Size doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter to everyone. But, sadly, size does make a difference. Sure, it’s ‘not about the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean’, yada yada yada. But, that will only get a guy so far if he’s greatly lacking in size.

3. Women don’t like porn.

Untrue. Not all women like porn, but saying women don’t like porn is about as barbaric as saying women don’t fart, either. While I completely respect the fact that some ladies view porn as derogatory toward women, I simply don’t (fully) agree. And I, last time I checked, am still a woman.

4. You can’t get pregnant when ______.

Here are some facts: You CAN get pregnant on your period. You CAN get pregnant if he pulls out. You CAN get pregnant from standing up sex, as well as shower sex. You CAN get pregnant while using condoms, the pill, or any other form of birth control other than abstinence.

5. Men can’t feel anything with condoms.

Men can feel stimulated with condoms on. Is it the same, or even close to the same, as how sex feels for them without a condom? No, but that doesn’t mean that condom sex has to suck. I’ve been having it for years and the men are always satisfied. With that said, if a guy gives you a problem about having sex with a condom, offer him no sex at all in exchange. There are far too many STDs running rampant these days to risk it, plus having sex without a condom increases the risk of pregnancy greatly. Are you really ready for that?

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