Body Blog: 1-Minute Abs and More Quick Workouts

absWith finals right around the corner, you may be feeling pressed for time. Instead of skipping that workout, here are a few ideas on how to get the most from the time you have when it comes to exercise.

1 Minute Abs
The one minute abs workout can be done anywhere – from the gym to your dorm. It’s a routine that works every ab muscle and will get results if done properly without rest in between moves. It’s a combination of 3 moves, each for 20 seconds.

*Leg Lifts – To get started, lie on your back with legs straight, lifted about 6 inches above the ground. Feel free to put your hands underneath your butt so your low back doesn’t arch. Lift legs to 90 degrees so they are right above your hips and lower them. Repeat for a total of 20 seconds. This move is commonly referred to as leg lifts.
*Toe Taps – Immediately go into the next move called toe taps. Bring legs above hips, out straight or with a slight bend and reach your hands towards your toes. When you come back down, stay about 3 inches above the ground and reach right back up. You don’t have to actually touch your toes but reach as far as you can without putting too much strain on your neck. Complete toe taps for 20 seconds.
*Bicycle Crunches – Without rest, bend knees into table top position. Bring hands to the temples of your head and crunch up bringing opposite elbow to the opposite knee while straightening out the other leg, and switch sides. Make sure you don’t rock side to side.

Here is a video of the workout if you are more of a visual type person.

Want more quick workouts? Try the world’s fastest workout that promises to burn over 400 calories post-workout by raising your heart rate and metabolism. If you try that and still want more (are you crazy?!), check out the bicycle version that is sure to break a sweat in less than 4 minutes.

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