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Ideas for a Perfect April Fools


april-foolsApril Fool’s Day is just days away, which means there is little time to plan some much needed pranks. We’ve all got important things like midterms, meetings, internships, and beer pong tournaments to catch up on, but that’s no excuse. Everyone needs to let loose and plan at least a few good pranks, because it’s one of the few days of the year where we can act like a complete a-hole and get away with it.

Believe me, you will regret it if you don’t at least attempt something. Can’t come up with anything clever? Try these bad boys on for size…

iPhone Application Hit your friends where it hurts: their iPhones. Anyone who has one will agree that their phone embodies all that is awesome in this world. Lucky for you, Apple has easy to access applications that will put the fear of god into iPhone lovers everywhere. If the “cracked” application or “iFart mobile” don’t suit your fancy, try making your own.

Naked Hunks Mug This is a magical mug. You see, when you put hot liquid in the “Naked Hunks Mug” his itty-bitty banana hammock disappears. Really, its a treat for everyone involved.

Sneaky Art You don’t have to have a mansion to appreciate the hilariousness of Rory McInnes’s prank. “He painted the giant genitalia on the newly-finished flat roof of his parents’ million-pound mansion… but the imposing member remained a closely-guarded secret for a whole year before it was ‘discovered’ by a helicopter pilot flying over the area.” So, maybe you don’t have a mansion or a can of spray paint laying around, but think on a smaller scale… the side of a dorm building and some chalk, the roof of a car and some shoe polish? Let your imagination run wild.

Jello Stapler You can than thank the writers of The Office for this one. If you haven’t seen the clip of Jim hiding Michael’s stapler in a giant mold of Jello, you need to watch it immediately.

Auto Correct This prank is best performed on a roommate or a really friendly co-worker. Simply hop on the computer this person uses for assignments, and open any word processor with auto-correct capabilities. Then, set their boss’s name, their name, professor’s name, or random words (the possibilities are endless) to  be auto-corrected into  “loser” or “skank”… again, the opportunities are endless. Just be sure to keep a list of what you changed.

“Win” the Lottery Fake scratch off tickets are a classic prank that will crush the dreams of everyone around you.

Facebook Hack This prank needs a little preparation. You will either need to be in posession of the victim’s username and password, or you will have to wait until they conveniantly leave their computer open to an attack. Believe me, your super slueth skills will pay off. Once logged in, enjoy coming up with a clever status change, change profile pictures, start relationships… go nuts.