VH1’s Tough Love: “Sex and the Male Brain”

The ladies of Tough Love were back last night and, as on the first two episodes, sexy Steve had a sexy lesson up his sleeve. He instructed each girl to set up their own photoshoot where they demonstrated what “sexy” means to them. The definition of sexuality is personal and unique to each individual, so this photoshoot would reveal how the women feel about their bodies and what they think men find attractive. The main test here is whether the girls can recognize the thin line between what is considered sexy and what is actually slutty.

Arian (Miss Party Girl) totally missed the boat and went straight for nudity and soft-core porn poses. Although I am definitely not surprised by her choice, I’m disappointed that she wasn’t able to see the point of this test. She knows that her ultra-sexual nature is what landed her in a Tough Love Boot Camp, so why did she waste this valuable learning experience by regressing? And with whipped cream, no less?!

Natasha (Miss Fixing the Wrong Guys), however, surprised me when she looked like she was ready to beat a man into submission and make him kiss her boots. Who knew she had that kind of sexual confidence? Go on with your bad self, girl!

When Steve had a focus group of men critique the photos, they all agreed that “confidence is sexy.” They were put off by Arian’s skanky posing and Stasha’s (the European drill sargeant) over-exposure. What did the guys find the most attractive? Smiles, playfulness, and seeming comfortable and confident.

In attempts to drive the lesson home, Steve plans a lingerie party for the girls to teach them to be comfortable in their own skin and to test their comfort zones. Each girl was set up with a date and Steve was to watch them and see how they handled themselves. Most girls had issues wearing the lingerie, but Taylor (Miss Gold Digger) had issues with her date (and the booze). It didn’t take the girl long to find out how much money her date made and she immediately wrote him off for not meeting her financial standards (“My guy was broke!“). She even said it to his face, which just made me want to reach through the screen and grab that man for myself. Is he rich? No. Does he have delicious muscles? YES.

Then there was Arian. I was proud of her for wearing a conservative outfit to the party (I was expecting nipple covers and edible panties) and abstaining from talking about exes. But after only knowing her date for an hour or so, she treats him to some goodies… in her bed…with massage oil. Hey, at least she did well during the first half.

But let’s get back to Taylor. After drunkenly throwing her body all around the room, she gets called out for her Gold Diggin’ ways. And that is when her too-thick eyeliner starts runnin’. Taylor explains that she’s a gold digger because she’s had a rough life and knows it would be easier with money. Some may fall for her crap, but I don’t know if I really care. Taylor is obnoxious and I’m not sure she’ll ever change. And with that said…I’d like all the men Steve sets her up with that she rejects.

And that is Tough Love.

So, do you agree with Steve’s methods? Do you think his rules are correct?

Overheard: Bouncing Bratwursts
Overheard: Bouncing Bratwursts
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