Bikini Line Maintenance Just Got a Lot More Fun

You know what turns me on? Maintaining my bikini line.

Ok, so maybe not (and maybe that’s about the only thing that doesn’t these days….), but I do get a bit rowdy for two-in-one products. You know: shampoo AND conditioner, moisturizer AND SPF, a friend AND benefits…

And now I can add razor AND vibrator to the list.

Yes, shaving that bikini line just got a lot more fun. The people over at Tinge have just created the ultimate shower product for women: a water proof razor for trimming your nether regions that also acts as a shower rockin’ vibrator when the cap is on.

Be still my heart.

Not only does this puppy do double duty downtown, but anyone who sees it laying around your apartment won’t give you the “Aw, you have to do it yourself?” look or, worse, the “Lauren, what is this?” question as you turn around and see your mother holding your Pocket Rocket in her hand. It is a razor, after all, and that’s exactly what it looks like.

Oh and did I mention that it also boasts 32 speed/mode combinations?

This thing is seriously the best invention since the Bumpit. Goodbye bikini waxes and hellooooo shower time.

Let it Rock: I’m Back For More
Let it Rock: I’m Back For More
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