Weekly Wrap Up: We Love You, Coffee!

I’m fairly confident that if it weren’t for coffee, I’d never make it to Friday. Sure, Dr. Hyman thinks it’s easy to give it up, but I just don’t know. I basically keep the coffee maker next to my bed – if I can’t get up without it, how does that man expect me to get through the day?!

There is just so much to do during the week that I need a little pick-me-up (Okay, a Venti pick-me-up) to do it. Like finding a summer job or internship. Or dealing with an annoying roommate, making my very own lip balm, and avoiding the calls of all those boys who can’t seem to get enough of me. (Yes, coffee also makes me extremely lovable.)

But I guess I will try. This weekend, as I attempt to lose my v-card (in video game form) and shop up a storm (because I’m PMSing), I will forgo the coffee. I will probably get a little too cranky for my boyfriend’s liking (and he will probably never want to move in with me), but it’s for my health, right?

Speaking of health… STDs are scary.

G.W.W.E.: Jonathan “Relieve Me!” Rhys-Meyers
G.W.W.E.: Jonathan “Relieve Me!” Rhys-Meyers
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