I’m Torn: Boyfriend Jeans

[Life isn’t black and white. As much as we wish we simply loved or hated things, there is often that whole annoying gray area in the middle. Like, we hate snow in April, but we love the extra layers covering our winter pudge. Or we love late night pizza delivery, but hate when we fall asleep before it arrives… Damn you, gray area; you make decision-making that much more complicated!]

Comfortable but ugly fashion trends are easy to feel torn about. We’ve already covered Uggs and gigantic handbags, both of which can be hit or miss. This season, however, one of the hottest (or ugliest?) trends in denim from all designers happen to be the boyfriend jean.

Love it: Obviously, boyfriend jeans are comfortable and relaxed. They may not be the most sexy pair of jeans in your closet, but they’re great for going to class or lounging in the dorms. Boyfriend jeans give off an effortlessly cool vibe no matter what you’re doing. Plus, they give you ample breathing and eating room–their baggy fit promises to never ever create a muffin top.

For the most part, boyfriend jeans look pretty cute when paired with flats and flat sandals, AND, when worn with the right top, they can look almost chic with heels. Hard to believe, I know. Finally, since boyfriend jeans are the newest “it” item, they can be found at any price range and in tons of stores from Old Navy to J.Crew to Nordstrom.

Loathe it: If these jeans are so big and baggy, how do they stay on? Guys jeans just don’t fit a woman’s body the right way, so if you’re actually wearing your boyfriend’s jeans, you’re probably going to have to roll those suckers up and invest in a cute belt. Even if you’re wearing boyfriend jeans that are made specifically for women, rolling the bottoms up a couple of inches is the new way to rock ’em. But just how much DO you roll them? If you roll too high, the jeans start looking like ill-fitting capris, but if you don’t roll them high enough, they can look like awkward cigarette pants. I’m pretty sure that I would be driven crazy trying to make each side of my jeans match perfectly.

Additionally, boyfriend jeans are tricky– the look can be just plain hard to make work. While they have looked very cute on Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron, whenever Katie Holmes puts on a pair, the style just isn’t right.

So what do you think ladies? Are you going to be stealing a pair of jeans from your boyfriend or best guy friend’s closet to try out this trend or are you not a fan of this androgynous turn in fashion?

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