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Lucy Workout Clothes – My New Obsession


lucy1When it comes to workout clothes, I tend to stick to ratty sorority t-shirts and faded yoga pants. I never really understood the point of spending a lot of money on anything that would soon be drenched in sweat. It just always made more sense to me to dirty up something that already had pit stains than to buy something fresh and new and pit-stain it up a week later.

But last week I finally caved. Well, my pants did. They had worn so thin that mid ab-workout they split, exposing my granny panties (I really needed to do my laundry) to the entire gym. If that wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t notice until I got home. Awesome.

I was going to pick up another pair at Target but my friends intervened. “You work out a lot – you should get some good stuff. We’re going to Lucy.”

I didn’t know much about Lucy except that their stuff cost a lot more than I was used to spending on clothes for the gym (which was $0), but I obliged. If nothing else it was an excuse to pick up an Auntie Anne’s pretzel at the mall.

It turns out that the pretzel wasn’t the only good thing to come from that trip. Lucy was awesome. Not only did they have pants long enough for my uber long legs (5’10, baby), but everything fit perfectly. After throwing on a pair of their pants and a top (with built in sports bra!) I loved what I saw in the mirror. I looked cute and my boobs would be secure while running! Who’da thunk?

Yes, the stuff was a bit pricey (the pants were $78), but it was also way more than just gym wear. I could totally wear that stuff to class and out on the town, too. It was definitely more flattering than the sweats I usually wear to class, so this Lucy stuff was a total win/win.

I walked out of the store with 3 bags of stuff and, being the instant-gratification-whore that I am, wore some of it that very night to the gym. I know it’s weird, but I felt better and actually lasted longer during my workout. It was like a Red Bull but in comfy clothing form.

I know that money is tight, but I have to say that all the stuff I got from Lucy was money well spent. I feel better, it motivates me to workout more (when you spend that much you better get use out of it), and my daily choice of underwear remains my little secret. Lucy is my homegirl and I think everyone needs to meet her.

(Oh and she’s havin’ a sale right now! It’s definitely the time to buy.)

I always keep brownies in my purse. Right next to my flask. And a pack of orange mint Orbit.