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Wardrobe Wish List: Minnetonka Moccasin Fringed Boot


[I want it, I need it, I can’t live without it. There are so many things on store shelves and racks right now that we want to take home and hang in our closets. Things that are so cute, everyone should know about them. We’ll share ‘em with you here (because we’re that nice), but as far as actually getting them goes….well, you’re on your own with that one.]

If you watched Gossip Girl last week, you probably noticed Vanessa Abrams clad in a very cute outfit consisting of a black military styled coat, grey acid wash skinny jeans, and almond colored Minnetonka Moccasin fringed boots. If you didn’t, you can check out the look here. Gossip Girl fan or not, fringed boots are a hot trend for spring.

Whether you like them short, up to your calf, or knee-length, Minnetonka Moccasin has a boot for you. They’re way cuter than Uggs, and easily just as comfortable (believe me, I own a pair of the shoes!). All of their adorable fringed boots come in at under $100, so if you order a pair you’ll still have some money to invest in the perfect pair of skinnies to tuck into them.

These boots may not keep your feet warm, and when you slip one on it definitely won’t have that I-just-stuck-my-foot-into-a-teddy-bear thing that Uggs have going on, but you can wear them in the spring (even with a skirt!) without looking completely ridiculous. If that weren’t enough, fringed boots will transition well into fall with a denim jacket, a tunic, and leggings. Or, you know, a black military coat and grey jeans á la Miss Abrams.

They are footwear perfection and I want ’em, need ’em, have to have ’em.