10 Things We Wish Guys Knew

I recently ran into an article in Cosmo in which a guy listed 10 things he wished girls knew about guys.  Funny, sure, but not quite on target about everything. Anyway, it got me thinking about some things that I think guys need to know about us.

1.  We don’t like it when you fart.  Especially if you do it in bed, or while we’re eating.  Gross, not funny… and you’re wasting your time thinking that we’ll ever “learn to love them.”

2.  Don’t make fun of us when we’re with our friends.  Funny in small doses, annoying when you do it constantly.  Keep doing it and you’ll pretty much guarantee yourself no “goodies” for awhile.

3.  We know you’re hot, that’s one of the reasons we’re dating you.  But that doesn’t mean you have to act like you know how hot you are by constantly walking around shirtless, flexing your muscles, etc. Confidence is hot – cockiness is not.

4.  Even if you guys say you like us better dressed down with no makeup, wearing makeup and dressing up makes us feel pretty and boosts our confidence, so at least reward the hard work we do to make ourselves look good by telling us so.

5.  Those t-shirts with the giant designs on the front (or, worse, the button downs with the giant designs on the back) are not cute. They are douchey. Please don’t wear them. (Also on this list: sweatbands, sweatpants with the elastic in the bottom, slip on sandals and over-sized plastic sunglasses with giant designers names on the side.)

6.  Holidays and anniversaries might not seem like a big deal to you, but they are to us.  Even if we say we don’t want something for Valentine’s Day, we want something. It isn’t the “thing” we care about; it is the fact that you are thinking about us. So think about us, dammit.

7.  Thongs are really uncomfortable. You may think they are the end all be all of sexy, but they hurt.

8.  Our friends are like a second family to us, so once you’re in with them, you’re set for life.  Even though we know they’re loud and obnoxious sometimes, learn to love ’em. We deal with your boys, so do the same for us.

9.  There’s nothing we hate more than being called crazy or dramatic.  No matter how much you think we overreact about our problems, they matter to us and we need you on our side to support us, rather than making us feel worse.

10.  If it’s possible that there is anything worse than calling us crazy, it’s comparing us to other girls.  I know it’s a double standard that we should be allowed to drool over any shirtless picture of Zac Efron we find in Us Weekly, while freaking out when you make a comment about any female celeb in a bikini.  You might not realize it, but we automatically compare ourselves to every other girl on the planet, so saying another girl is hot makes us think we’re not good enough.  Crazy, maybe, but we’re just being honest.

What else do you want guys to know?

[Photo courtesy of lomokitty on Flickr]

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