Rock the Look: Big Shoulders

High-end fashion brands like Brian Reyes and Louis Vuitton showcased several looks featuring big shoulders on the spring 2009 runways. While I’m not advocating stealing some eighties-style shoulder pads from (hopefully deep inside) your mom’s closet, you can still rock the big shoulder trend.

And why would you want to? Well, for one, it’s everywhere. And it’s chic, unlike the shoulder pads of the 80s. Still not convinced? How about the fact that wearing a top or dress with ruffled or puffed up shoulders can balance out wide hips and make arms appear slimmer? Yeah, I thought so.

Here are some of my favorite picks at every price point:

Charlotte Russe.
I found three cute tops that feature puffed out shoulders in every college girl’s price range. The two on the left are the perfect mix of style and professionalism to wear to your summer internship, while the one on the far right would be cute with jeans, metallic heels and some jewelry for a night out.

Victoria’s Secret.
There are some great tops with big shoulders at VS. I especially love the colors of these three, because they are perfect for spring and summer. These tops are also versatile in that you could wear them to work, but they would also be appropriate to wear while you’re out to lunch or shopping with friends.

These three items are available at Bloomingdale’s. A little more expensive, these looks would be perfect for those events where you need to appear older or incredibly chic.

If you are in love with this trend (like me) and want to invest in something of very high quality, check out ShopBop for these picks. I love the colors of the See by Chloe top and Sari Gueron dress. Also, white dresses, like this one from Brian Reyes, have been a recurring trend for several seasons now.

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