It’s (Easter) Party Time!

We all want to go home for Easter, but sadly, it’s nearing the end of the school year, and so we’re more likely to be munching on terrible dining-hall food than we are on delicious hollow chocolate rabbits. Before you get depressed about all the candy (oh yeah….and love) you’re missing back home, try bringing the Easter spirit into your own home. No, I’m not talking about Jesus.

I’m talking about an Easter bash. I throw one every year and it’s always fun, festive, and almost as good as the stuff my mom makes back home. Plus, it’s super easy. Here are some tips on throwing your own!

• Focus on the food.
Try something a little kitschy, like a brunch or a high tea. That way, the menu will be a snap (omelets and pancakes, say, or little slices of cake and good crackers) and picking up ingredients will be easy. These sweet-potato pancakes are a favorite of mine.

• Deck the place out.
Nothing says “festive” like great decorations. You know your mom would adorn the whole house with bunnies and Easter grass if you were home, so why not go a little crazy and bring that look to the dorm? Plastic eggs (very cheap at drugstores) are always a good bet, or pick up some pastel streamers and wrap them on all your doors and windows.

• Create an egg hunt.
To go truly old school, arrange an Easter egg hunt for your friends. This can be as innocent (mini bars of chocolate in the eggs) or as adult (tiny liquor bottles and pics of half-naked cute guys in the eggs) as you want. If you have the time, it’s great fun to hide eggs all over campus rather than in just one area. Though, you would have to worry about randoms getting their paws on your loot…

(And if you’re feeling incredibly saucy, you could turn the egg hunt into a drinking game. Just put different instructions in each egg: take a shot, shotgun a beer, assign 3 drinks, etc. But you didn’t hear that idea from me…. Sorry, Jesus!)

Don’t let Easter on campus get you down. Throw on those bunny ears, grab your friends and celebrate the holiday college-style.

Is It Worth It?
Is It Worth It?
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