I Heart Easter

I think Easter has become an underestimated holiday. It’s unfortunate that it’s never at the top of the favorite list with similar holidays. I think we fail to see the gloriousness of a low key, no stress holiday because Easter isn’t flashy like the Fourth of July. No one is staying up to wait for the Easter bunny or doing last minute Easter present shopping or tuning into the Easter parade.

It’s true Easter should probably be about religion, and Jesus, and morning mass and whatnot, but I love Easter for a different reason. … it is one of the only holidays that is all the fun and none of the work.

First of all, Easter usually involves a little miracle called brunch also known as the magical union of breakfast and lunch. I always enjoy the meshing of meals. Most of the time that means popcorn for dinner or leftover pizza for breakfast, but brunch is different. Brunch picked the best meals of the day to incorporate croissants and cold cuts, spinach quiche, fruit salad, and bagels – pretty much a spread from heaven. I also enjoy any meal that makes drinking before noon classy instead of trashy (hello mimosas).  

Food in general is a large part of my appreciation for Easter. Not only is there always a good morning smorgasbord, or a big family dinner but it is a holiday known for candy. Anyone with a sweet tooth will agree that Easter is right up there with Halloween on the candy front, except you don’t have to wear anything embarrassing to get it. Jelly beans, solid chocolate rabbits, and peeps will all be waiting patiently for you in a pretty pink basket come Sunday morning. Let me emphasize that: candy will be waiting for you when you wake up. How can you argue with that?

And after you recover from your sugar coma, there tends to be some kind of group activity. Sometimes this is corny and irritating, but most of the time it will result in cash: i.e  the Easter egg hunt. Anytime someone wants to hide five dollar bills (hell, even quarters are welcome) in little colorful plastic eggs, I will trek around my living room in my pajamas shame free. Some people are brave enough to use real hard boiled eggs, but not my family. And omehow my mother inevitably forgets where she hid at least three Easter eggs, resulting in an exciting find sometime in July.

This happens Every. Single. Year.

Even if you can’t make it home for brunch and Easter egg hunts, there’s still plenty of Easter to enjoy. Easter falls conveniently on one of the few good spring days – just past the rainy season, but before the heat arrives. It’s that first weekend when you can get away with a sundress and flip flops, light jackets and sunglasses. Take advantage of the long weekend off from classes and kick off the end of the semester out on the quad.

Whatever you’re doing, start enjoying spring and have a happy Easter!

College Candy’s Guilty Pleasures Pregame Playlist
College Candy’s Guilty Pleasures Pregame Playlist
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