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Suicidal Easter Dogs



If dogs could talk, I have a feeling they would have a lot to say about the stupid outfits people dress them in. Especially when it comes to Easter. Something along the lines of, “WTF? If you wanted a freaking bunny, then you should have bought a freaking bunny. I’m a DOG.”

But they can’t, so people keep on shoving on the bunny ears and forcing their poor pooches to pose for the camera. And, based on what we see below, the pups aren’t happy. In fact, we’re pretty damn sure they got into the Easter candy the minute after these photos were taken and ate enough Cadbury Eggs to take their poor, puppy lives.

Still, the pics are fun to look at, no? Get your fill of Suicidal Easter Dogs (and an angry ferrett) below.


[Photos courtesy of these dogs’ crazy owners on Flickr.]