The Reality of College Life.

“This isn’t reality television, this is real.” This is the way MTV describes “College Life,” a new reality show it will finally be premiering tomorrow night after a strange and secret date change.  How is it different than every other reality show on MTV?

Well, it’s real.

Eight college students from Madison, Wisconsin were each given cameras and were told to film their college life. The footage would then be used as part of the show on MTV.

When I first heard about the show, I was very curious.

Would this be an extended version of True Life?
Would they edit out any illegal activity?
Who would actually agree to film themselves getting trashed at a frat party where they would possibly have a drunken make-out session with some random person in their Stats class and have the whole world watching it?

What? Just me?

MTV is hoping that the absence of a camera crew will give the show a real edge. No makeup crew, no one shoving a camera in your face as you try to escape from your ex (cue “The Hills”), no scripts. This would be real.

I’m just not sure how I feel about it. (Apparently MTV wasn’t so sure either as it was supposed to premier two weeks ago and never did.) On the one hand I think it would be awesome to follow some real college kids around, but at the same time, is MTV just exploiting them for their own gain? Do this kids even realize the implications of putting their whole life on camera for the world to see? What if a potential employer is watching the show?

MTV has been known to have a reputation of “editing” in a way that makes things happen that never really did all in the name of entertainment. Who knows how this “real footage” will be cropped?

I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow night at 10:30.
I know I’ll be watching, will you?

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