5 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Some movies make you laugh till your tummy hurts, while some movies inspire you with their message. There are some that make you terrified to sleep alone after watching, or ones that are so graphic and disgusting that they make you puke in your mouth and consequently scar you for life. And then there are  the ones that make you shed a tear (or in my case, bawl my eyes out till they are puffy and swollen).

Those are my favorites. Sound strange? Then tell me you’ve never had one of those days when you just wanted to have a good cry. It’s ok. Everyone needs a little release (followed by a giant brownie) now and then. If you’re having a day like that, check out on of these: my list of the best tear-jerkers of all time.


I do not believe anyone who says they never cried at all during this two and a half hour love story. I can’t seem to hold back the tears every time I see Jack shivering in the water telling Rose that she shouldn’t give up and that she will have plenty of babies and grow old. By the time Rose realizes that Jack is dead, I’m  sobbing and running from the room to grab tissues to wipe the dripping snot from my nose.

The Notebook.

I always say that The Notebook is the best romantic love story since Titanic. How could you not cry when the old version of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams dance in the nursing home after she finally realizes that he is her husband and former lover? When she starts losing her memory two minutes after that it’s heartbreaking. By the time they die in each others’ arms at the end of the movie (shoot, did I ruin the ending?!), I am down a box of tissue…and a sleeve of my sweatshirt.

A Walk to Remember.

In this classic bad-boy-falls-in-love-with-good-christian-girl story, the tears begin to fall when the guy decides to show his love for his dying girlfriend by building the telescope, and start flat-out pouring when he learns how to dance and even asks for help from his estranged father. I cry for the sad ending, but also for the realization that there are only like 5 guys on earth who could actually turn from being the jerk to the devoted sweetheart.

Marley and Me.

I know that all dogs (and humans) grow old and die but as someone who has an attachment to dogs, finding out that the playful and mischievous Marley got sick and died sent me into fits of sobs. (Note: this might have something to do with the fact that I have yet to forgive my mother for accidentally running over my puppy when I was 9. Either way – sad movie.)

Forrest Gump.

How could you not feel sorry for Forrest? He’s just so naive and cute and kind. Forrest lost everyone that was important to him and each passing sent me running for more tissue. Not a good movie to see with a boy. Just sayin’…

Anyone have any other tear-jerkers to add?

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